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The past several weeks have been the busiest weeks for many chess fans and enthusiasts. Several top-level events happened like the World Junior Championship, Speed Chess Championships, Sinquefield Cup, and the Saint Louis Rapid and Blitz, just to name a few.

Chess fans brought out their custom hoodies toronto to support their favorite chess players. However, there was some news that we might have missed due to the excitement of these important matches. If you feel bad for not knowing about these events, then you are in luck. Here are some of the In Other News bits that you need to read.

David Llada is now the new editor-in-chief of American Chess Magazine

David Llada is one of the most renowned chess photographers. He used to contribute to El Mundo in Spain. However, he decided to focus on photography and attended many major international chess tournaments all over the world. His dedication and passion for the sport brought him to his new role in American Chess Magazines. Hopefully, we can see more of his presence in the next editions of the magazine.

Football Players Try Chess

Football training has never been easy. It usually takes a lot of time and full physical effort just to get the right strategy. However, the football team Girona FC tried a different tactic by deciding to add chess to their training regimen. General Manager David Anton of Girona FC, alongside his whole team, have started doing lessons on the basics of playing chess.

Girls in Scholastic Chess

In the world of chess, there are only a few women who have excelled and made their mark. However, The New Yorker did a very unique feature story of little girls competing in chess. The event was the 2018 All-Girls National which has held in Chicago. The New Yorker did not only highlight the tournament but they also talked about how these girls felt when they see their male counterparts.

Who is your bet for the World Chess Championships?

The World Chess Championships is fast approaching. People are now placing their bets on who they feel would be the next World Chess Champion. In partnership with Unibet, people can now place their bets on their website where they can possibly win real money. If you wish to place your bet, make sure to register to the sportsbook. You can even earn freebies when you register.

Documentary of 2018 Candidates' soon to be released to the public

Dylan Quercia, an American chess teacher and filmmaker, will soon release a documentary about chess. Quercia and his team traveled to Berlin in the early first quarter of 2018. His documentary will feature all the candidates who aim to take up the challenge to become the next chess champion. Quercia had already released their trailer this month. Will your favorite player be in the documentary? Watch and find out!

Now that you are updated with the tidbits from “In Other News “, which one was your favorite?

CBD Oil Chess

When you play chess, intense concentration is needed so that you can outmanoeuvre your rival.  It can be a disadvantage for you if you cannot focus on your game. This is where CBD oil comes in. Cannabidiol or CBD is a chemical that can be found in hemp, a strain of cannabis. It has many healing properties,  including those that can help you concentrate.  Unlike its cousin, THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD does not make you "high."  It interacts with your body's Endocannabinoid System or ECS. The system's role is to regulate the different functions of your body.

Why Can't You Concentrate?

There are plenty of reasons why it is hard for you to focus.  The inability to concentrate can have a huge impact on your life. Here are some of the reasons that may hinder you from focusing on playing chess.


When you are stressed, a chemical called cortisol is produced. It is the chemical that helps in regulating your body. It is released when your body is subjected to a stressful situation. High levels of cortisol will make it hard for you to concentrate. You may have felt it when the chess game gets intense. At this point, you can use CBD oil to help you concentrate. Studies have shown that cannabidiol greatly reduces stress. Its function is to calm your mind down and is brought on by CBD's interactions with ECS.

Lack of Sleep

Everyone needs to rest at some point. Sleeping for longer periods of time can help your body heal itself. When you do not allow your brain to rest, it will eventually deteriorate. Lack of sleep lowers your cognitive functions which you greatly need when playing chess.  There are various reasons for the lack of sleep. However, it is important to remember that CBD cannot cure every single one of them. Cannabidiol can help you fix your sleep cycle. The use of CBD increases the margin of resting time. Furthermore, it protects neurotransmitters that regulate the pain. Studies have also shown that it can lower levels of anxiety which can be one of the reasons for your lack of sleep.

Remember that CBD cannot take all of your distractions away. It is important to put away those things that distract you like your mobile phone or laptop. You should also put yourself in an area where it is easy for you to concentrate on the chess game.

There can be plenty of reasons why you cannot focus on playing the game. Luckily, the availability of CBD oil can help you with that. If you have a chess game that starts in five minutes, you can have CBD oral spray to calm yourself down. You can also make use of CBD pills if it is hard for you to concentrate all throughout the day. However, the research on CBD is still in its early stages.  So it is important that you consult a doctor before you start taking CBD oil.

Research on CBD or cannabidiol has shown plenty of health benefits. It lowers anxiety and helps you calm down. With CBD oil now available, you can definitely concentrate on all of your chess games.

Creativity and Chess

You may not know it but playing chess can boost your creativity. Here are the reasons why.

The brain is ticking

While you play chess, you think of ways on how you can outsmart your opponent. Your brain is at work here because you try to predict your opponent's next possible move. You study all the angles on which your opponent would make his next move. It is like you are both hiding in your battlefields with each of you anticipating the move of the enemy and this requires strategic planning. This is similar to web design Malaysia where you will have to use your creativity in anticipating the actions taken by your site visitor, where his eyes will be drawn to, and defining the strategic locations of buttons, pictures, and content.

Creating hypotheses and theories

At the back of your mind, you are creating hypotheses. Each hypothesis has a theory. You study all the possible theories and weigh the pros and cons until you come up with the most viable solution. Most likely, you will use that theory on your next move. However, your opponent could have guessed your theory and so he counter attacks it. It is a trial and error thing where both players learn their lessons from the moves they make. In case you get defeated on the next move, you would need to formulate another strategy. In fact, there are no set moves in chess. Each move is unique and subject to the opponent's reaction and countermoves. In creative design, the basic assumption is that you have to use your skills and talents in convincing people of the value of your idea, product, or service, and encouraging them to respond or react to it. You also have to come up with strategies so that your viewer or, in this case, your site visitor will click on your products and eventually convert them to become your customer.

Endless strategies

Formulating strategies in chess could be an endless process especially if your opponent is very smart or very experienced in this sport. Whenever you think of strategies to outsmart your opponent, your brain is likewise at work here.

Strategic planning in chess and creativity are both lifelong processes where there is no absolute solution. They both use your imagination; you have to come up with creative and different ways to beat your opponent.

Following rules

Nevertheless using our imagination does not mean we do not have to follow the rules. Although chess is a prescriptive game, it also gives a leeway for players to plan their moves in a creative but logical way. Both imagination and logic are at work here. In other words, chess is not merely a logical game. It likewise stimulates your creativity at the same time.

Thrill and challenge in the game

There is so much thrill in chess because both players are unaware of what each player is thinking. And it becomes even more challenging when the game is timed.

You can apply this in any creative endeavor – whether in print, graphic, or digital media. Creativity is imaginative but it has to follow rules at the same time whether grammar or structure (in print) or proportion and harmony (graphic).

Chess could help a person become more creative because the player's mind is always stimulated while on the game. He cannot put his mind to rest. He has to study the opponent's next move. The players will continue to study each other's moves until the game is over.

Similarly, while an artist does creative work, he continually studies his output until he is finished. The only difference between chess and doing creative work is that you can be a solo artist while you need an opponent in chess. You will just have to bear in mind, though, that in the area of web design, your visitors and prospective visitors are the ones you have to consider and that your ultimate aim is to create more traffic and have more conversions.

In conclusion, we could say it is possible that you can hit two birds with one stone if you are a good chess player. Who really knows you might have a hidden artistic talent?

Chess Tournament Preperation

Chess should not only be played on specific seasons, it should be played all throughout the year. Chess is one of the best ways for one to relieve stress and helps them sharpen their minds in terms of problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and self-confidence. However, playing chess in a very cold place can distract you from making the right moves and creating the best strategies. The cold temperature can make you uncomfortable. If you happen to be playing chess in a cold place, however, you can always invest in kerosene heaters.

The game of chess does not always have to be in the comfort of your home. However, there are times that you will be needing heaters to keep you warm when you are playing chess. In this way, you can think better and feel more comfortable when you are playing wherever you wish to play.

Why bringing a kerosene heater is best for a chess tournament

Saves money

One of the good things about kerosene heaters is that it is portable. Some game venues can be really cold and asking for a portable heater might just be another cost whenever you rent the game area. Bringing your own kerosene heater can be cheaper. You do not have to rent anything.


You can carry a kerosene heater wherever you go. You can use even if the tournament is outdoors or in picnic areas. Just make sure that you have enough kerosene to keep you warm when you are outside the house.

Cheap investment

Another thing that you should consider is the price. The best kerosene heaters are cheaper compared to other heaters in the market. They can emit a good amount of heat to keep you warm throughout any chess tournaments and competitions.

No need for electricity

Lastly, you do not need electricity to make it work. You will only need kerosene to keep the heater emit the amount of heat that you need to keep you warm. Comfort plays an important role when playing chess. It is best that you also invest in things that make you feel comfortable whenever you are playing chess. If you wish to invest a portable heater for your future tournaments, make sure that you purchase the ones that are safe for personal use.

How to prepare for the chess tournament

Now that you have ensured that you will be comfortably warm during your chess tournament, these are some of the things that you can do to prepare for it.

  • Set your primary goal
  • Have sufficient rest and take good care of your physical well-being
  • Practice and prepare your game, especially your opening gambits
  • Review past tournaments and learn the moves
  • Know and be ready for your opponents
  • Study but still have fun playing the game
  • Train diligently

The best advice, however, is to prepare for your next tournament the moment you finish with one. Right after your final game, review your moves, analyze what you did right, and what you should do to correct your blunders. In this way, you will be ready with your new opening gambit.

3D Printing

3D printing has become a hit among many chess players all over the world. Aside from the fact that they are cheaper than the usual chess pieces, 3D printing has allowed players to create their own chess pieces depending on their style and size. It is no wonder that many chess players have started printing their own chess pieces.

We often hear of 3D printing in the fields of automobile, aerospace, engineering, and medical care. However, 3D printing can also be used to create chess pieces depending on one's preferences. Using 3D printing for chess pieces allows many youths to make their own chess pieces to add more color and life to their games.

Customized chess sets

The designs of these chess pieces are varied and unique compared to most of the others that you see in the market. Chess players can also customize their own chess pieces to make it unique. Now that players can find the best 3d printers under 1000 USD they can choose their own style, color, and size. They can also create chess pieces to express their artistic ability. They can even create their own characters to represent the different pieces in the set.

Latest trend

3D printed chess pieces have become one of the latest trends. People have started to print their own pieces and sell them online. You can see an array of different sizes and colors for these chess sets. The smallest chess board happens to be almost the same size as a credit card. Many chess players have started printing this very tiny chess set for their convenience. You can easily keep them in your wallet and pull it out when you want to do play a game during your trip. This chessboard is a perfect game for people who have the best precision when it comes to inserting pawns and rooks into the tiny chess board.

Some have even decided to create an all-in-one chess set to make them easier to clean and keep. These chess pieces are created to form into a cylinder to make it easier to clean once they are outside. Other designs vary in themes, they have incorporated Pokémon, skyscrapers, and animals for their chess pieces.

They have even incorporated plants into chess pieces for their outdoor chessboards. These 3D-printed chess pieces were not only used for a recreational game of chess but they are also used as pots for outdoor plants.

Make chess interesting for kids

If you happen to teach children to play chess, it is best that you get the 3D-printed ones. In this way, it would be easier for you to explain the rules and the moves of each piece. Aside from that, you are making the game much more enjoyable and safer for children of younger age since you can manipulate the size of these chess pieces to a size bigger and safer for them to use.

Easy on the pocket

Many people would also prefer the 3D printed chess sets not only because of their aesthetics but rather because they are also cheaper compared to the store-bought ones. They have the same quality but the materials are safe for people of all ages to use.

3D printing has indeed made chess a much more enjoyable game to play. You don't have to stick to the classic Staunton design that we usually get from the mall. You can print designs that you would most prefer. No, you do not need to stick to the classic ones when you can easily print chess pieces that will suit your taste.

Chess Tournament

101ChessTips is pleased to announce the beauty treatments manufacturer Swan will be sponsoring our next chess tournament. Swan is a leading manufacturer of some of the world largest beauty treatments. Their investment will help with the costs of facilities, playing equipment, and rentals for the two-day event. Furthermore, Swan will have some of their leading products available for tournament attendees to sample for free.

Masters Youth Chess Tournament

The tournament consists of schools invited from all over the US. A total of nearly 240 students will compete in the final to be held in Texas. Students and parents will be traveling from all over the country. Accommodation and daily programs have been organized. The tournament will be divided into age classes as well as an open class for all to enter if they want.

Swan - Tournament Sponsor

Chess Tournament

Swan is this year's terrific sponsor, who specializes in beauty products. In particular, their most popular item is the Swan Witch Hazel. Witch hazels come from the flowers of plants. The name itself comes from the middle ages where forms of the word Witch meant bendable. Before settlers arrived in North America, natives would use the plant to heal themselves of lumps and bumps appearing on their bodies.

Settlers soon realized the benefits of this plant and started to experiment with how to maximize the potential of its power. Eventually, scientists were able to extract certain properties from the plant. Nowadays, the use of witch hazel to clean face and body parts are very common in young women. It is believed that the product helps to sooth any swelling or inflammation of the skin. Often this can be applied for acme too.

Basic Rules of Game Days

There will be some rules outlined for the tournament which will need to be followed by all participants:

  • Touching Pieces - Like always, touch it and it's your piece and it's gotta move. This classic touch move rule applies in this tournament like all the others, no excuses. There are minor exceptions to the rule, of course, brushing, adjusting or no legal moves available apply here.
  • Go On Record - Make sure that moves are recorded, this will help us keep track of all moves and the ability to resolve any misunderstandings players may have along the way.
  • Interruptions - Please make sure that you do not talk or engage with players who are in a game. Any bystanders who engage with players will be removed from the room for the remainder of the game.
  • Phones - All phones must be on silent if you are in the playing area. Loud ringtones or other sounds being immitted from phones is very distracting for players.

Preperation For Tournament

Practice, practice, and more practice, this is the key to success at our upcoming tournament. It will be those who know the moves and have their playbooks ready that will succeed. Apart from that, eat, sleep and relax, you will have fun and if you're having fun, others will be enjoying the tournament too. Please contact us for further tournament news and updates. We will be posting more detailed information about the tournament in the coming weeks.

Chess Club

Great news readers, a new chess club will be starting soon, and we need your help! Firstly, let's ask the obvious question:

Why a chess club?

Well, why not! There are many benefits to a chess club. Firstly, it's a great way to make friends and meet new people. From the chess clubs we have run over the years, there has been many new connections with amazingly bright people from all over the world. Secondly, it's a really exciting game to play. One can become lost in chess for hours on end trying to calculate and re-calculate moves. This leads to the third point, it's a game with a winner. This is also a main driver for us at 101 Chess Tips, the feeling of winning at chess club is just like no other. But it's also important to remember to be a good sport. Being humble as well as respecting your opponent is a cornerstone of any chess club we are involved in.

What and where?

This chess club will be run via the local schools. 101 Chess Tips will supply the tools and know how for each school to set up the club. Appropriate permissions from governance and parents will also be sort before the club starts at the school. The goal will be for each club to meet at least once per week after school or during lunch break depending on the needs of the students.


This is where we need your help. Soon we will be launching the new website to promote the chess club and will involve the need to achieve good rankings on Google. One of the first steps to do this will be investing in good backlinks like on this page. These backlinks will be essential for helping us grow up the rankings ladder for the keywords that we are looking to rank. Most students these days will be search for chess clubs online and being in the top 3 results will help us grow the business. Therefore, if you have a website, please contact us about linking to our website.


There will be many benefits to joining the chess clubs. They will be everything that is needed for the day supplied by us. This includes all chess facilities as well as snacks and drinks for the kids. Each club will have a member on hand to guide the kids through any rules and game play strategies as well as set up the games. This would take away the need for additional parental supervision, although we highly encourage parents who love chess to participate in the clubs too.

What are the next steps?

Currently, we are finalizing the details of the games how and the logistics with surrounding schools. Once complete, a beta program will be launched involve one or two schools. This beta chess club will last for 6 months and at the end of that period we will reassess to then expand on the idea.

There's a lot to be excited about with this chess club and we hope that you can share this excitement with us as we launch to the public. Please reach out to us if you want to see the chess club launched at your school in the near future.

You will find everything you need right from classic chess moves to the best chess moves all geared to help you learn the best chess strategy tips so you can continuously improve your winning chess moves. Plus you can learn the 10 foundational steps that will improve your rankings. Unless you improve your rankings then the higher ranking chess players won't want to play with you and you won't learn what they already know.

Skyrocket Your Chess By Eliminating These 10 DEADLY Strategical Errors…

This is similar to collecting csgo skins you can collect up the best chess moves.

The 10 Critical Steps Required to Improve It

If you are lacking in just one of the 10 foundational steps you may become an average player but you will not succeed past just that… average. You may be struggling and not know why or what it is you are missing.

Master King Moves in Chess

The ultimate goal of the game is to checkmate your opponent's king. The more chess tips and tricks you learn along the way the more successful you will become at achieving this.

The Difference Between Good Chess Moves and Great Chess Moves

One thing is for sure regardless of the reason you have decided to take up chess there are secrets of chess tactics you must learn to get anywhere in the game. Chess does have a foundation of knowledge that far exceeds moving the pieces around the board.

What the Grandmasters Know That You Don't

This foundation is something every Grandmaster knows just like the back of their hands and they never stop studying and practicing. We at 101ChessTips.com have compiled these foundational steps all in one easy to read you must know ebook that helps you to overcome all them.

Stuck In a Ranking Rut

Many average players don't even realize they are lacking in one or a few of these steps and continue to work hard and study what they think is a winning chess strategy when in fact it is only a piece to the puzzle. They will never put the puzzle together without all 10 foundations and not even realize that is their destiny. Their rankings never seem to improve no matter how hard they try… they get stuck in a ranking rut.

New to Chess

For those that are brand new to chess or considering picking up the game here is a little 101ChessTips classroom briefing.

Brief History

Chess is a game with its own prestige that has been around since the later 1500's and became competitive in the 1600's. The actual shape of the pieces more than likely were a representation of the way life was back then. The first world chess champion title was in 1886. It has since grown into a sport for both men and women and has graced recognition in the Olympiad world competitions.

Basic Components

For those just starting and gathering an understanding of chess here are the basic chess game components. There are 64 squares You have 16 pieces

  • king
  • queen
  • 2 rooks
  • 2 knights
  • 2 bishops
  • 8 pawns

Chess is by far not a game for everyone but if you are the methodical type then chess is something you can master whether you are playing just for a hobby or would like to become one to keep an eye on in chess tournaments.